Canada Day

One of the first paintings of my Urban Culture series.

If somebody asked me what Canada Day means to me, I would say, "it's a painting about celebration.

July 1st, 1867, we hockey lovin, beer drinkin, parka wearing CANUCKS became united into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada. 

Okay, there may not have been a lot of hockey back then, but I am sure there were some alcoholic beverages and a celebration.  It's July! so no damn parkas.

I wasn't thinking about 1867, when I created this painting. It was October and I just wanted to make a painting.

Felt pen in my hand, confusion in my mind and perfection in my heart, I started drawing. The felt pen soon converged with a brush, which in turn began the spreading of paint. 

I don't really know what this whole thing was about,  I felt a sort of defeat, maybe even betrayal by this process I had always trusted.

I tossed my brushes into the cleaning jug and went to bed.

As the morning came and I rose to still exhaustion,  a faint curiosity and blanket of excitement rolled over me.

I said to myself "relax" don't go into the studio yet, it's just a painting and probably a piece of crap anyway.  I took my time, I brushed my teeth, I shaved and washed my face until my curiosity got the better of me.

Its exactly 4 paces to the door of my studio, from the bathroom.

Cursive writing is quickly becoming a lost art; I charish it and will continue to preserve it through my art.

Cursive writing is quickly becoming a lost art; I charish it and will continue to preserve it through my art.

Detail top right side

I gotta be honest, I was blown away by what I saw. There was texture, lines of different lengths, sizes, shapes and colour and figures and a still life. Under the still life which is sideways on the canvas I noticed writing, cursive writing.

The pièce de résistance on the top left corner was the Canadian flag flapping in the wind behind 2 performers.

A celebration, wouldn't you say.

Honestly, I didn't have a definitive recollection of painting any of it. 

The painting introduced it's self to me as "Canada Day". It seemed obvious to me because it's about a party, a big party with a Canadian flag.

Canada Day has since evolved into a bit of a statement about Canadians; their sense of community, tolerance, and love for the brave people that have traveled halfway across the world to live here, with us, and to share their cultures and world vision. 

To them, I say,

Happy Canada Day!

"Canada Day" is one of 4 paintings that will be exhibited in the Jubilee Auditoriums in Calgary and Edmonton. I am so pleased Visual Arts Alberta (CARFAC) saw the value of this work and I am proud to be part of their "Evidence of Paint " Exhibition.


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