The first and final step, saga

In 2006 after a pretty severe motorcycle accident, something had changed.

My passion for painting was gone and yet I continued to paint, knowing that I really didn’t care anymore.

My part-time job allowed me a reprieve for 18 months but my head and heart did not carry me forward.

My first good banjo, I bought for $400. with change I saved in a one gallon mayonaise jar.

My first good banjo, I bought for $400. with change I saved in a one gallon mayonaise jar.

In 2009  I picked up my banjo for the first time in years and realized, in-spite of my previous efforts to learn to play  I was now motivated.

I practiced and practiced and started to reacquaint my self with friends that were musicians and  I attended living room concerts plus I was frequenting pubs and events, anything that revolved around music.

I was involved in a songwriting seminar when I realized, songwriting was a creative endeavor not unlike painting. The only difference being that I was not nearly as skilled at music and songwriting as I was at Art.

No matter, I dug it and I did it.  I found myself among people that were passionate about their music.

#Work #Work #Work #Work #Work

During this time, I was still working part-time and even though I had a great job, I found my self, floundering with dissatisfaction. I felt a disconnection to what I thought was important and set out plans to leave my job behind forever.

The question was, what should I do?

Was music the road not taken, that was spurring me on to bigger more creative things. What about my art? my painting, this thing I had invested most of my life in.

A quandary, what a quandary, my life was impassioned, nothing coming in and nothing going out.

Time to go to bed and sleep for ten years.

What happened next was a living revelation, that changed everything.



Stay tuned everyone, this will be continued tomorrow

 to be continued