Wild Bill , Popular culture, 36x48

Have you ever seen something that is really cool and you connect with and it stays in your mind and heart until you end up acquiring it? Then you feel guilty because it seemed impulsive and a bit extravagant.

I bought a painting years ago that had that affect on me. I wasn’t remorseful about the purchase but I felt guilty because it seemed economically out of reach. Thirty years have gone by and I still look at that painting and it brings back the emotions of that time and the excitement I had when I acquired it. As I get older and log in more experiences, I find myself in the middle of a similar impulse but in the form of creating art. Now! when I create a new painting I think about accessibility, and how people will feel when they own a piece of my work..

What I do is not fleeting, I have been a creator in one form or another for around fourty years and I will continue to create until my last breath. My point is, I still get excited about what I make—even if it doesn’t show on my face—I embrace every painting from its inception to its finale. When someone buys a piece, big or small, I think of it as a bit of me going to live somewhere else. The cool thing is, everything carries with it a unique energy that transcends time and space and can bring us back to the very moment we first encountered it. I think my art is no exception, in fact that is why art increases in value because artists that have created for a long time leave an indelible fingerprint on their work, a fingerprint that is worth it’s weight in gold.

Wild Bill is a piece of Pop Culture that has been worked, re-worked and re-worked again. This piece has definitely travelled through a variety of scenarios, much like the real Wild Bill did during his life time. This painting has anywhere from three to five under-paintings which already gives it the longevity and credibility of a much more acclaimed piece.

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