Is size everything?

We live in a culture and learn from a very young age that if something is bigger it has to be better. Like Robin Williams once said, "we need big American cars, to carry around big American butts”. It’s a funny and true statement based on a period of our history. Now people are finding quality through necessity through foreign car manufactures which all started with the price of fuel.

My point is, things change and mostly because people are forced to make changes.

When I embarked upon my most recent phase of my art career, it was clear that a shift was taking place, not only in art but in peoples perception of quality versus quantity. Most recently I have been creating small 12x12 inch and 20x16 canvases of the inner city.

As it turns out “the devil is in the details”. I have created much larger paintings most of my career and found the process relatively straight forward. Now with these smaller pieces I am finding my technique is being challenged and I am forced to make some changes in time spent and attention to detail. Basically these small pieces are much more difficult than large pieces.

That being said, I have expanded this series of work to include, new paintings of Urban Culture and I am excited that anyone can afford to own one at a $350. price point for a 12x12 and $650. for 16x20. I now have framing available at wholesale prices as well.

I have sold 2 of these in the past 2 weeks, so if you want to give someone a cool gift, drop by Grudart and drop me a note. I am happy to help in anyway I can.