Tis the Season

Is there art for a particular season?

I think colour is what we need after experiencing so much white this winter. As the days continue to get longer and brighter, so does my desire to have some eye candy

There are lots of ways to treat your self and one of them is art. big, bold, colourful paintings with dynamic personalities, vying for attention.

Summer Vacation, 24x24, acrylic on canvas

Summer Vacation, 24x24, acrylic on canvas

The thing is, paintings can be hung, leaned, stored, carried, exchanged, filed, sold, delivered, hidden, shown, kept, promoted, photographed, reproduced or lost and yet they always seem to find their way onto some one's wall, someplace, somewhere.

A good piece of original art is like a vacation of a lifetime, with a difference, a painting is a vivid, tangible, reminder of the day you treated yourself to something you really love.

Isn’t it the season for art when you find your self in front of that one exquisite painting, that speaks to you.

Take a trip to Grudart.ca for your spring splash of colour.




Happy spring everybody, Yahoo!!!