Begining again is the best place to start.


Have you ever thrown up your hands in defeat only to realize that the very thing you gave up on was beginning to manifest again, but in a different way.

I have been recently examining my life and my art practice and have found my biggest deficit has been my resistance to change. I discovered whenever I threw up my hands and said screw it, I was giving way to a more natural flow of energy that was reflected through my art and personal growth. Here’s the thing—acts of frustration, not desperation, are ways we can cleanse and give ourselves renewed positive energy.

Doing something from a fresh and happy perspective always generates a more productive edge and outcome.

Most people focus on what they have lost and miss the opportunity to manifest something new in their life. It’s like a forest that burns down and shortly after new growth appears, giving way to a natural flow of new energy.

the road to success is the one of least resistance


We assume that hard work is the answer to getting what we want and all because that is what we were taught. The truth is, hard work is relative and is not the only or best path to your goals. I have learned, the road to success is one of least resistance and the ability to working smart and adapt to change.

Pointing yourself in the right direction and maintaining your focus is important but discovering the natural flow of the energy you put into reaching your goals, is essential. Most people create resistance by wasting needed energy by worrying about things they can’t control, so stop trying to control everything.

The trick is to (go with the flow) and naturally allow yourself to find your stride, you will begin to see things open up for you—in ways you least expected.

surround yourself with people you resonate with

Be the most authentic person you can be by doing what feels good and surround yourself with people you resonate with. People that are consistently happy and achieve their goals are trustworthy, authentic people that are in service to others.

Remember, we are all human and we all make mistakes, so be kind to yourself, and always keep moving forward.

My purpose for these blogs is to hopefully touch on some things that concern all of us. I have not chosen a specific criteria to follow because, like my art, I want to share my diverse point of view and I hope it resonates with you. Whenever I write or paint, I learn something new about the people and the world around me and I want to share that with you.

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