Living deliberately through the creative process

This is about a discovery that changed my life. Something I always had—in fact, all people have it— but I took it for granted.

What I am talking about is imagination, I now refer to it as the creative process.

For years I worked part-time as a driver to pay my bills, never acknowledging that my art practice and my job could peacefully co-exist—I saw them as apposing forces thinking the conservatism of my job would adversely affect my creative energy.

I dumbed down my creativity when I was at work

I dumbed down my creativity when I was at work and abandoned my work when I was in my studio—never did the twain’s meet. It would take me a couple days to make a creative paradigm shift so I could get into my studio and paint every week.


I realize now that I was shortchanging my self by spending my creative energy on keeping separate lifestyles when I could have been spending my time enriching my life.

I think I bought into the idea that creativity is a unique gift that only some of us have been blessed with.

It wasn’t until I met a scientist that was doing a research project on night blindness that I discovered how creative and innovative she had to be to move her research forward.

I now know that the creative process is part of all of us, hidden in the subconscious somewhere waiting to be released and practiced to enhance our daily lives.

Do you think you are getting the most out of your life?

If your answer is yes, good for you and keep on doing what you are doing.

Some of us have to work at it. I have to continually remind my self that I can apply creative solutions to anything I do.

There are so many things I do every day that call for creative solutions.

My shortlist.


I write emails every day that reference my art business from answering requests from clients to marketing my art and promoting my brand. Weekly blogs, monthly newsletters and daily Instagram posts.

Time Management

Deadlines for art calls and exhibitions are a critical part of my art business and if I don’t meet them I don’t get my work in front of people. Making time to do my art is a big juggling act because everything else I do is dependent on my product.


Stretching, framing and transporting my art to venues is another creative exercise that takes presence of mind and resourcefulness because it can very easily go sideways.

How does this apply to you?

Most people work and have to manage their lives, so they get to work on time, get the kids to school, make sure everyone gets fed, not to mention the small and large emergencies that arise throughout the days, weeks and months of the year.

Being able to think on our feet at any one given moment is essential and most of us do it automatically and effortlessly with split-second creativity.

Ask yourself this question

What would happen if I live life deliberately through the creative process?

It is really quite simple. You just have to start paying attention to those things you already do and make them into a conscious application.

Instead of looking for creative solutions to a problem, create a scenario that will generate a new exciting experience.

I spent that time thinking up elaborate creative excuses

Here’s an example


I was generally on time for work but one day, not only did I not want to go but I had to hurry or I would be late. One moment during my 30-minute commute I made the conscious decision to slow down and take a different, longer route, which would most certainly make me late. I spent that time thinking up elaborate creative excuses and I caught my self smiling more as each minute went by. When I got to work and walked in the building, I had a huge smile on my face and I remember feeling very confident and ready for anything when my boss walked up to me and said “Good Morning” and proceeded on his way to grab a coffee.

I must admit I was disappointed because I was waiting for him to say something snide.

What really happened was I opened up a whole new paradigm of discovery which caused all sorts of scenarios to flood in and make me smile even more. The funny thing is I was never late again and getting to work became a joyful experience.

How to open up and do it

I think one of the things you can do today is to change up your routine because routines are comfort zones that get stale really fast—they also stop us from thinking. I have a shortlist below of some simple things I have done to change it up a bit.


.Take a different route to work

.If something upsets you, choose an opposite reaction

.Say hello to someone you never saw before.

What this will do is yank you out of your comfort zone for a few moments and remind you there are other choices you can make. You are forced to think, react and be creative and there will be a smile on your face as you do it. You will most likely feel uncomfortable at first because your brain doesn’t know how to cope with these changes.

If you persist and up your game every day and make more and more creative choices then your life will become more joyful, right before your eyes.

Moving towards creativity

I hope I have thrown a bit of light on the whole creative process thing.

What is it that you would like to change or incorporate into your life right now?

Try it and drop me a note, I would love to here about your journey, what you did and how it made you feel.

You may contact me here with any questions or comments and I look forward to hearing from you.