Something about art you might not know

One thing I have learned from being an artist, there are no short cuts to creating good art—it takes time and experience. 

Trends come and go but truly exceptional art survives the test of time and continues to generate pleasure long after the creator is gone. 

My priority as a painter has always been to make art that is interesting and curious. I think most artists are hopeful that what they create survives them and leaves a mark on the world. 

When it comes to buying piece of art, it is one thing to find what you like and another to imagine it in your home.

Here is my quick tip for buying a piece of art

When you are looking for a piece of art and you find something that you like, do you buy it right away or do you hold off and think about about it?

Most people want to be sure it will look great in their home so they hold off—especially if the piece is over $500.

I let people test drive my paintings, by taking them home and hanging them for a couple of weeks. I think that is a service that many artists provide if asked and will only require a small deposit on your part.

Some resources to find some interesting, quality art.

Here are a couple of places you can look.

Instagram hashtags  (searching hashtags is a great way to find art)

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If you want to see select pieces of mine, live, go to  Ami Tea Calgary 

Exhibitions Calgary


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