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About my paintings

About my paintings

The late great Grant MacEwan, once said to me—“your ability to work with your hands will always put food on the table”.

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Rides .25

Any one that grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, in small town Alberta or small town North America for that matter will remember what 25 cents would get ya.

Plopping my brother and I on top of the mechanical horse, that sat out in front of Kresge’s was meant to sooth the nerves of my mom while she ran into the store and did a quick errand. Eventually it stopped as my brother and I would try to push each other off—me being 3 years younger I would always end up on the ground. Our horse was yellow with a black Maine.

Small town Urban Culture—Indelible.

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Banksy Stunt

There is not much known about Banksy except he’s a street artist and political activist who’s face has never been seen and he lives in London. His work has become iconic and has appeared in different cities around the world. He creates visually diverse images ranging from a mouse riding an exactor blade to a bottle of champagne in a carousel. His work has a social economic relevance that leaves us to ponder our perceptions of the world.

His art is stenciled images which are primarily sprayed on surfaces.

Banksy is an original and has managed to keep his identity secure. His art is sought after and copied and stolen all the time.

One thing seems very clear to me, his art is for all people of the world not just the elite.

I don't do landscapes

The "Group of Seven" did landscapes, and I have nothing against landscapes, I just don't do them and I can prove it.

I just think there is more to our Canadian identity than beer, hockey, the "great white north", and landscapes. 

Why talk about beer when you can drink one, why talk about hockey when you can drink a beer and why would you paint a landscape when you can step out of your door and stand in the middle of the "great white north", and have a beer.

Here is proof that I don't paint landscapes.

If this doesn't convince you then go to,  and see for yourself.