Rides .25

Any one that grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, in small town Alberta or small town North America for that matter will remember what 25 cents would get ya.

Plopping my brother and I on top of the mechanical horse, that sat out in front of Kresge’s was meant to sooth the nerves of my mom while she ran into the store and did a quick errand. Eventually it stopped as my brother and I would try to push each other off—me being 3 years younger I would always end up on the ground. Our horse was yellow with a black Maine.

Small town Urban Culture—Indelible.

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More than just selling art

O.K. tomorrow is the launch of my new website

I have been pushing to market this launch and generate some exposure for my paintings daily for the last week.

Nothing wrong with that, most people would say and yet something about this whole thing was missing.

It got me thinking!

What is the underlying purpose of creating exposure for my work?

Having pursued this art thing for more than 40 years, I have been fortunate to meet some  incredibly talented and creative people,  many of which have never had there work seen.

Is it because their work never appeared in front of the right people? I think that is true but another truth is, many people have a limited view of the value of owning a piece of original art.

Being a collector and owning an original piece of art is like being in possession of part of the artist's life. It seems hard to put a value on it and yet we do.

So last night it occurred to me, that this new website was about generating exposure for original "Fine Art" not just for myself but for those artists who have taken pride in creating, some for as long as I have, creating originals from scratch, from inception to a drawing to the final product.

I am really excited and proud to be part of the global art community.

I will continue to promote my work but now with the hope it will bring greater attention to the legacy Fine Art and artists are creating, through hand made pieces of art we make for everyone to enjoy,

Please go to tomorrow and  when you subscribe, know that you are part of the continuing a legacy for Fine Artists around the globe.

Thanks everybody