If a person creates something derivative without knowing it’s derivative is it derivative?

I remember a story years ago about a very young artist that was on the verge of creating a very large body of work. Her father was a painter and he was helping her

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Banksy Stunt

There is not much known about Banksy except he’s a street artist and political activist who’s face has never been seen and he lives in London. His work has become iconic and has appeared in different cities around the world. He creates visually diverse images ranging from a mouse riding an exactor blade to a bottle of champagne in a carousel. His work has a social economic relevance that leaves us to ponder our perceptions of the world.

His art is stenciled images which are primarily sprayed on surfaces.

Banksy is an original and has managed to keep his identity secure. His art is sought after and copied and stolen all the time.

One thing seems very clear to me, his art is for all people of the world not just the elite.

making your own weather

My favorite saying has always been "make your own weather" Now! what you choose is up to you. If you are having a good day, you can continue to have a good day or you can let it be screwed up by some unhappy person.

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Flash in the pan

There's reason to believe that this phrase derives from the Californian Gold Rush of the mid 19th century. Prospectors who panned for gold supposedly became excited when they saw something glint in the pan,

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