David Grudniski was born in Calgary and raised in Lethbridge Alberta. He completed his B.F.A at the University of Lehtbridge and graduated with a Studio Art Major in painting. After graduating, he traveled to Europe to participate in a self-directed museum immersion program. His travels gave him the opportunity to study in an enriched cultural context and to deepen his historical understanding of art . In 1990 he moved to Montreal where he developed a disciplined studio practice and exhibited his work in several group and solo shows.

Four years later, drawn by his western roots, David returned to Alberta and settled in Calgary. Here he opened Catharine Studio Art Gallery and dedicated the next several years to developing and showing his work. During this time he exhibited both nationally and internationally participating in shows in Western Canada, Montreal, and in Europe. In the early 2000,s he participated in The Calgary Stampede fine art auction and gallery.

In 2013 David began research on a body of work entitled "MUSIC OF THE WEST". With the intention of exploring a deeper connection with his subject matter he embarked on an experiential research process and taught himself to play both the banjo and guitar. He spent the next few years fostering a direct connection with various music genres, and creating fully integrated thematic paintings . 

Davids current body of work entitled  "URBAN CULTURE" Is  an expansion of his love for music and his connection to street entertainers. As David says, “ I am finally painting where I live, and I feel at home." David continues to expand his body of work through music and travel, while living in Calgary.