There has always been something compelling and satisfying about making things. I think it’s the tangibility of creating something with my hands that caught my eye as a little kid, and continues to inspire me as a painter. Clarity is what I get from digging in and getting my hands dirty and any questions I may have about life are worked out through my paintings.



Urban Culture references my first series of paintings about street performers and musicians, which evolved into a much broader inclusive collection of paintings about inner city life. Those early pieces—unknown to me at the time—were vehicles for what I would later call painted narratives.

Realizing that stories connect us all, inspired me to consciously paint more pieces from the perspective of a story teller. I now paint people from every walk of life and what I paint comes from simple observations, sometimes embellished, and always elaborated on. While I might refer to my paintings as simple observations, they are much more than that, they are evolving entities of bold colour and dynamic line that reveal a story. 

As an artist that lives and paints in the inner city, I find my self reflecting upon those things I see and experience every day. What seems like random mark making and drawing on my canvases, is actually references to my observations of inner city people and the way they interact and communicate.  My process of scratching into a painted surface and removing paint to reveal the under-painting is like pealing back a layer of the human element, imparting a glimpse of a story that was once lost or hidden.

I am more than the facilitator of a story, I offer a spectacle, the rest is up to you.


David grew up in southern Alberta attending the Alberta College of Art and graduated from the University of Lethbridge, School of Fine arts with a B.F.A. in painting. After graduation, he traveled to Europe immersing himself in art and culture, visiting museums and galleries, exposing himself to the art of classical, modern and contemporary masters. 

In the mid 90s he settled in Montreal where he began developing his own painting style and exhibiting his work in underground galleries and group shows. Eventually he returned to Calgary where he opened Catharine Studio Gallery in Inglewood and developed a highly disciplined studio practice and began exhibiting his work nationally and internationally. His body of work has grown and evolved throughout the years to encompass western style paintings, large figurative works, portraiture and conceptual abstract landscapes. David’s current body of work is Urban Culture which began in 2017 and is a collection of over 60 paintings and 350 drawings about urban life. 

David says: “painting to me is as natural as breathing, I consider it my life blood and I don’t play it safe”.  

Curriculum Vitae

David Grudniski

davidgrudniski@grudart.ca | www.grudart.ca | 587.284.1956

Solo Shows

2018: Inglewood Friday Night Market, Exhibition and Sale, Calgary.

2018: Point West, V.I.P. Review, Paintings and Drawings, Calgary.

2018: Glencoe Club, Investors Group, Calgary.

2017: Manhattan Lofts,  Homelife Cityscape Open-House, Calgary.

2009-2015: Christmas in Inglewood, Calgary

2009_2015: Inglewood Sunfest, Studio Show, Calgary

2010-2012: Calgary Art Walk, Inglewood Studio, Calgary.

2009-2012: Eastside, Studio Crawl, Calgary

2011: Gallery nOne,  “The No Name Show”  Inglewood, Calgary.

2010: Gallery nOne, “All new, all night”   Inglewood Calgary

2009: Marquee Room, “Living a Bohemian life” Calgary.

2008: Catherine Studio Art Gallery, “Recovery Show”  Calgary.

2006: Gallery Gora, “Collective” Montreal, Quebec.

2006: Catherine Studio Art Gallery, “Concepts” Calgary.

2006: Artists of The World, “Group Show” Calgary.

2005: Art Space,  “internal/external” Calgary

Group Shows

2019: Xposed, Knox Contemporary Art Gallery, Calgary

2019: ArtMatch Summer Exhibit, cSpace, Calgary

2019: Ageism, ASA, Fish Creek Library, Calgary

2019: Light SpaceTime, Abstract, online

2019: Light SpaceTime, City Scapes, online

2018: Galerie Tuur, Straelseweg, Mailart Project, The Netherlands

2018: Jubilee Auditorium, CARFAC/Visual Arts Alberta “Evidence of Paint”,  Calgary

2018: Jubilee Auditorium, CARFAC/Visual Arts Alberta, “Evidence of Paint”,  Edmonton

2018: Pumphouse Theatre, “Ode to Music”, Calgary.

2018: McDougal Centre, Premier Rachel Notley, “Art from the Unknown” , Calgary,

2018: Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, “Connections”,  Calgary.

2016: Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, “Art Auction and Painting Demo”, Calgary.

2009-2015: Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, “Cork and Canvas” Calgary.

2005: Florence Bienelle, International Exhibition, Florence Italy.

2004: Bowman Arts Centre, Group Show, Lethbridge, Alberta

2003: Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, “Western Art Gallery and Auction”, Calgary

2002: Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, “Western Art Gallery and Auction”, Calgary

2001: Calgary Exhibition and Stampede  ” Art Auction”, Calgary

2001: Artview Expositions Gallery,  “Prairie Themes”,  Calgary

Public Collections

Diabetes Association

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Calgary Rotary Club and Hospice

Heritage Park

Calgary Boys and Girls Club

University of Lethbridge


2019: Wotisart Magazine, Featured Artist, May Issue

2019: A5 Magazine, Featured artist, May Issue

2019: Artqol Magazine, Art and Music with David Grudniski

2019: Empty Easel, David Grudniski: Bold Narrative Paintings

2018: Average Art Magazine, Featured Artist

2016: Calgary Stampede Exhibitions

2011: Brooklyn Art Library. The Sketchbook Project

2007: Calgary, Condo Living, Artful Lodgers

Representation:2019, ArtMatch, Art Consulting and Online Gallery, Calgary

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