Experimentation is an essential part of being a professional artist. Moving through concepts and techniques, lends its self to varied collections of work that don’t always fit into a specific series of drawings or paintings. These pieces have fallen slightly outside the box, “unplugged” and yet they have garnered a value for future collections. Longevity of a series of paintings is not always evident, especially when only one or two pieces have been produced . One thing that has taken years for me to understand is how important this “unplugged” work is to the development of a refined body of work. Regardless of the final product, every piece has a value. There are always redeeming elements that survive the experiment to be used another day. Innovation and discovery comes from creating outside the box and is only limited by perception and willingness.

All pieces in this collection, represent a potential series of paintings.


April Showers

Streets, 36x30, Acrylic on canvas, Price C$3220. Framed Room View Purchase inquiry

April Showers

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